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RedPier Consulting has conducted a diverse range of engagements, events, and strategies for communities and organizations throughout Canada. Check out some of our previous projects below to get a better idea of how we help our clients facilitate change. 

Project xéʔelɬ – KPU Pathway to Systemic Transformation

Client  Kwantlen Polytechnic University

How We Helped RPC was hired to lead the creation of an Indigenous Strategic Plan which was later renamed xéʔelɬ, a hən̓ qəmin̓ əm̓ phrase for pathways, to better represent the work. For two years RPC guided extensive engagement with the broader KPU community including approximately 40 focus groups, surveys, and meetings to develop the draft framework. 

Project LNG Workforce Inclusion and Diversity 

Client Fortis LNG

How We Helped In partnership with Salishan Solutions, RedPier has been supporting the management team with integrating DEI practices through a series of workshops, coaching, and dynamic team discussions tailored to the team’s evolving needs and experiences.

Project S-3 Community Consultation

Client NorthWest Indigenous Council

How We Helped RedPier was hired to organize a community consultation session regarding the implementation of Bill S-3 (amendments to addressed all known sex-based inequities in the registration provisions of the Indian Act) in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant/Grandview-Woodland neighbourhoods. Though formal presentations were conducted, RedPier worked to make the event as accessible to marginalized communities as possible, including hosting meals prepared by local youth and community organizations, featuring a series of Indigenous performers throughout the day, and having support available for those who may find the conversations triggering.

Project First Nations-BC Wildlife and Habitat Conservation Forum

Client Fraser Basin Council & BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Operations and Rural Development

How We Helped In the early days of the Forum, RPC provided co-facilitation support to the FBC lead to help the group co-developed aspects of BC’s Together for Wildlife Strategy as well as proposed amendments to the Wildlife Act. Since, RPC has been called on to support facilitation with the larger joint Together For Wildlife meetings between the Forum and other interested parties.

Project The Art of Storytelling

Client Fraser Basin Council

How We Helped Working with a graphic recorder and staff from FBC, we facilitated an event that brought together youth and community leaders from across the Fraser Valley  to share stories, network, and discuss sense of place and community connections. The event was created in response to comments shared at the previous year’s Connected! event, and provided an opportunity to utilize stories as a foundation of knowing and understanding between diverse youth.

Project Project Comeback: Quesnel

Client Fraser Basin Council

How We Helped RedPier was hired to assist the community manager by facilitating planning sessions with a number of interested parties and community members, including youth, business owners, elected government, economic development staff, First Nations, and non-profit organizations. Through the session a strategy was developed for retaining and attracting young professionals to the community of Quesnel. The project examined areas such as housing availability and affordability, recreational opportunities, access to resources, technology infrastructure, transportation, and professional networking.

Project Aboriginal Labour Market Project 

Client New Relationship Trust

How We Helped RedPier was hired as part of a team of Indigenous professionals across BC to work directly with 57 First Nation communities to identify existing strengths, skills and resources to effectively coordinate skills training opportunities for each First Nation. The team also assisted with funding applications, coordinating meetings with unions and local employers, and advocated for support to provincial and federal agencies. RedPier assumed the management role part-way through the four year project and was then also responsible for coordinating the team’s efforts and liaising with the client and funders.

Project YAC Strategic Plan 

Client Chase Youth Action Committee

How We Helped RedPier prepared and conducted a variety of engagement and outreach activities focused on learning what was important to youth in the community. From asset mapping exercises, creative strategic planning workshops, review of best practices in other rural communities, RedPier then prepared a Strategic Plan to help advance the YAC and increase youth representation in decision making processes.a

Project Community to Community (C2C) Forum

Client Comox Valley Regional District

How We Helped In partnership with SHIFT Collaborative, RPC co-designed and co-facilitated a workshop for the First Nations and municipal government leaders within the CVRD. The event included a series of presentations on how communities are responding to Coastal Resiliency and Poverty Reduction matters, followed by breakout sessions to further disucss each individual’s personal connection to the topics. 

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Project CoCreating a Sustainable BC

Client FBC Youth Program

How We Helped RPC was brought in as part of the original facilitation team to support the delivery of the program in the Thompson region. Between 2019 and 2023 we supported four different youth cohorts with learning about sustainability and developing local projects, which included a composting program, a greenhouse installation, building mini eco-living libraries, and a transit mapping workshop.

Project Truth & Reconciliation Matters

Client Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement Society

How We Helped RPC was hired to lead the project administration for the final two years of the four year project. This included managing the project budget, reporting, and other accountability measures for the successful completion of the project. Overall 85 youth each completed 120 hours of volunteerism and a total of 614 youth (401 Indigenous and 213 non-Indigenous) from Vancouver’s downtown eastside and surrounding areas were directly engaged in project activities.

Project Community Climate Preparedness Workshops

Client SHIFT Collaborative

How We Helped RedPier was invited to co-facilitate a series of workshops to assist local governments and First Nations in BC where participants worked together to reflect and gather information about changes to climate and how this impacts their community, get an introduction to western climate science and tools, hear from Indigenous communities about different approaches to preparedness work, and interact and learn about further adaptation resources and tools that are available.

Project Mamawikiskinawam Atotan Entrepreneurial Spirit Program

Client Kanuu Indigenous Innovation Society

How We Helped RedPier was hired to co-develop and facilitate a 3 day workshop in Saskatchewan for Indigenous people interested in entrepreneurship. The program focused on tapping into one’s culture and entrepreneurial spirit to develop a framework for exploring business opportunities. RedPier also led a facilitated networking event of a group of 80 Indigenous and non-Indigenous entrepreneurs, students, and mentors to help foster a community where Indigenous entrepreneurship can thrive.

Project Breaking Barriers Through the Resurgence of Indigenous Arts & Culture 

Client Kwantlen Polytechnic University – Faculty of Arts

How We Helped RedPier lead the community engagement component to seek guidance from urban and on-reserve Indigenous artists, story keepers, leaders, elders, and youth on ways to meaningfully integrate art and culture into facility design and planning.

Project ReconciliAction

Client Fraser Basin Council

How We Helped RPC lead a series of in-person and virtual workshops to deepen staff knowledge on the history of Indigenous Peoples and reconciliation policy and priorities including UNDRIP, the TRC Calls to Action and the MMIWG2S+ Inquiry Calls to Justice and to increase staff understanding on how reconciliation actions can be integrated and applied into everyday work at FBC.

Project Squamish Wildlife Connectivity Information and Collaboration Session 

Client Squamish Environment Society

How We Helped RPC was hired to facilitate an online session that brought together individuals  representing  First  Nations,  local  and  provincial governments, academic partners and collaborators, environmental NGOs, funding organizations, species expert  groups,  consulting  firms  and  neighbouring  connectivity  initiatives. The event focused on information sharing and seeking feedback on the overall project design, bringing people together to build momentum, and collaboration.

Project Surrey Urban Indigenous Outreach Project

Client Kwantlen Polytechnic University – Faculty of Arts

How We Helped RedPier was hired to engage with the urban Indigenous population and service organizations in Surrey to understand their unique needs, wants, and supports for pursuing post-secondary education. With the highest population of urban Indigenous peoples in BC, this demographic is largely underserved and underrepresented and has a diverse range of needs. RedPier compiled the comments and findings into a report that included a summary of the population, recommendations on potential programming to meet their needs and requests, and considerations on how to support potential students through their education journey.

Project Facilitated Networking

Client Quesnel Young Professionals Network

How We Helped RedPier was hired to lead an evening of facilitated networking to help members and potential members of the QYPN get to know each other better and start identifying opportunities and activities that could be pursued by the group

Project Build Back Better, Together – Regional Forum

Client BC Emergency Planning Secretariat and Build Back Better Together Collaborative

How We Helped RPC co-facilitated a one day regional forum in response to the November 2021 flooding events across the Lower Fraser floodplain. The intent of the forum was to find common ground to inform a strategic approach to flood recovery and long-term resilience. Over 150 leaders and representatives from 16 First Nations, 14 local governments, and a number of federal and provincial agencies attended in person or online.

Project Decolonizing Engagement Through IDEA

Client Teck Resources

How We Helped RPC co-led four virtual workshops in partnership with Salishan Solutions to support the participants in better understanding how to advance decolonization, inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in their respective roles and teams. The workshops included activities and reflections on unconscious bias, privilege, values, critical self-location, and difficult conversations.

Project Raven Indigenous Social Enterprise Workshops

Client Raven Indigenous Impact Foundation

How We Helped RedPier assisted with the curriculum development and logistics, while also leading the facilitation of a series of workshops throughout BC for Indigenous community members interested in social entrepreneurship but who did not have a background in business. The series was created by a team of Indigenous entrepreneurs who want to help youth make an impact and build a social enterprise for themselves or their community. Through the quadruple bottom line approach, the workshops focused on understanding community assets and how to solve problems in local communities, participants were empowered to make a positive impact on their world by creating something unique and their own. The workshops did not centre around building a polished business plan, instead they took a step back and helped guide participants to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and embrace skills such as culture, resilience, creativity, and continuous improvement.

Project Recommendations and Strategies to Support Indigenous Learners at KPU 

Client Kwantlen Polytechnic University

How We Helped RedPier was hired to produce a recommendations and strategies report to help advance support for Indigenous students. After a series of engagements with students, staff, and community members, in addition to a round of interviews and research on best practices at other institutions throughout western Canada, RedPier prepared 27 specific actions the university could implement to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and better reflect the communities it serves. RedPier was then retained to oversee the implementation of some of the recommendations and support discussions and efforts to advance others.

Project Constellation of Self

Client IndigenEyez

How We Helped RPC co-designed and facilitated a four part virtual workshop series to assist Indigenous youth in naming their needs, uncover the gifts they bring to their communities, and to identify some self care practices that support them physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The series included a number of traditional teachings and use of storytelling, games, creative writing, visualization, brainstorming, visual art, and play to help the participants show up in the world with boldness, kindness, and vitality.

Project Xwemélch’stn Etsimxwawtxw Staff Visioning Workshop 

Client Capilano Littlest Ones School (Squamish Nation)

How We Helped RedPier was hired to host a one-day workshop for staff to surface challenges, learn about each other’s expectations, identify their shared values, and begin developing a vision for the school.

Project Living Vision 

Client Kwantlen Polytechnic University Indigenous Advisory Committee

How We Helped RedPier helped lead the IAC at Kwantlen Polytechnic University through a series of discussions and exercises to unearth their shared values and identify the systemic issues (such as policies, practices, and communications) that need to be addressed within the institution. From the stories and experiences shared, a set of Indigenous principles and values were established which were integrated in the Campus Master Plan and will help guide future plans and endeavours. 

Project Economic Development Strategy

Client Xeni Gwet’in First Nation

How We Helped RPC was part of a three firm team that developed an economic development strategy for the remote First Nation. Work included a number of interviews with community members and partners, focus group meetings, desktop research and feasibility studies on potential business opportunities. 

Project Project Comeback: Chase

Client Village of Chase

How We Helped We were hired to help implement ideas and recommendations shared by community members during the initial phase of the project. Working alongside another consultant, we planned and facilitated an entrepreneurs speakers series , liaised and supported non-profits groups in reaching a youth demographic, created an online event and organization directory, and hosted professional development workshops.

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