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RedPier Consulting

Where every interaction is a Catalyst

for meaningful transformation

RedPier Consulting is a queer owned consulting firm specializing in facilitation, engagement and planning.

We facilitate change by guiding meaningful conversations, creating space for authenticity, crafting plans that are relatable and enabling, and respecting everyone’s unique journey.

We are not just consultants; we are fellow humans learning and sharing our experiences of facilitating change within our communities. Practicing reconciliation through Indigenization, decolonization, diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility, we navigate our work as committed learners and leaders, respecting the delicate nature of these processes.

Our commitment involves creating safe and engaging spaces, to the best of our abilities, and constantly questioning how we can enhance our toolkits to create equitable systems.

We invite you to join us in facilitating change and collectively evolving policies and practices that are centered on humanity, justice, and dismantling all forms of oppression.

Founded in 2010, we have worked with a number of communities and organizations throughout British Columbia and Canada.

Originally focused on Indigenous engagement and consultation, through the years we have expanded our services to include:

  • creative facilitation
  • strategic planning
  • community development
  • youth participation
  • climate change adaptation
  • curriculum design and delivery
  • workshop and event planning
  • change management
  • implementing DEI practices and policies

These areas of expertise reflect the intersectionality and evolving diversity and knowledge of our core team and partners.

Nine youth sitting around a large table having discussions

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Why Work With Us?

We Do Things Differently

If you’re looking for a superficial solution, then we may not be the right fit for you. We take our time, delve deep, involve the whole person, and guide meaningful change. Our approach challenges conventional patterns, offers fresh perspectives, and supports you to make a real difference.

We Embrace Creativity

Boring processes and sessions are all too common. We don’t do boring. Even in serious conversations, we find ways to infuse creativity, encouraging different participation styles and perspectives. And no, that doesn’t mean filling the agenda with silly ice-breakers, but if that’s your preference, we can certainly accommodate 😉

We Set The Stage

While our team possesses substantial expertise, when we serve as facilitators, we don’t act as subject matter experts. Our role is to create a safe and workable space, set up activities, and maintain group focus. With the right stage set, participants take the lead and assume ownership of advancing the work.

We Are Present

Whether facilitating large workshops or small meetings, we remain focused on the live interactions, whether in-person or virtual, to ensure they are engaging and purposeful. We believe that guiding the agenda or process without being fixed to a plan based on hypothetical conditions allows for more open conversations and opportunities for innovation and cultural shifts. As people are at the core of our work, we adapt to ensure they feel valued for their participation.

We Pace Ourselves

Meaningful engagement and planning take time. Just as we don’t rush into a marriage proposal on the first date, we avoid the urge to cram the entire process into a single conversation. Recognizing the importance of pacing activities, conversations, and planning is crucial to ensure we can reflect and respond to your group’s needs, preventing burnout and allowing time for reflection and different participation needs. We don’t go slow; we simply make space for meaningful change and growth.

Meet Our Team

Brock Endean (he/they) is a dedicated community leader, having co-founded two not-for-profit organizations in his teens and has subsequently served on over twenty boards and committees across Canada. He is continually recognized for his experience and leadership in organization and community development.

As a facilitator, Brock supports senior leadership teams and individuals, challenging them to expand their perspectives and navigate transitions. His approach is rooted in fostering capability and confidence in the face of uncertainty, addressing systemic change, and promoting inclusive communities through creativity and values-based decision-making. He has extensive experience working with youth, rural and Indigenous communities, and public institutions.  

Brock takes pride in shaping a life that transcends his professional and volunteer endeavors. Together with his husband, they weave a vibrant tapestry of life experiences, embracing outdoor adventures, nurturing relationships, pursuing creative opportunities, and embarking on an ongoing journey to reconnect with their authentic selves. 

Ricardo Rodriguez (he/él/il) was born and raised in Mexico City but has called Canada home for over 20 years. Trained as an Industrial Engineer, Ricardo has spent most of his professional life specializing in logistics and process design, which translates into his strong project management and administrative skills at RedPier Consulting.

Recognizing that most of us have so many gifts to offer the world, in 2018 he opened a clinical hypnotherapy and personal development coaching company where he helps individuals overcome their negative emotions and limiting beliefs so they can live authentically without shame and design the lives they want.


Partners and Subcontractors

We partner with a number of skilled professionals and firms experienced in Indigenous consultation, strategic planning, creative facilitation, mediation, learning design, economic development, research, negotiations, and project management/ administration. All of our partners are selected based on previous working relationships and our shared values and approaches to meaningful engagement.

The Red Pier

The iconic red pier at Tsqúqw7e (the place name for the Chase Memorial Park area) in Chase, BC, Secwepemcúl’ecw territory, symbolizes community coming together. It’s a daily gathering place for residents and visitors who use it for various activities, from taking in the beauty of Little Shuswap Lake to swimming and marveling at the sockeye salmon below. Through all seasons, it stands as a beacon of stability, inspiration, inclusiveness, and connection — values that guide us daily at RedPier Consulting.

We are dedicated to the success of our initiatives and the well-being of the communities we serve.

We firmly believe in giving back to our communities. That’s why we commit to providing at least 2% of our annual sales to not-for-profit organizations. Additionally, all our team members are active volunteers, contributing to local, provincial, and international organizations. 

man with a purple volunteer shirt on and four other individuals at an event

Join us in

facilitating change!

We recognize the decision to engage a consultant can be significant. That’s why we find it important for us to build a connection before any commitment, as each project is as unique as the client it serves.

If you’re interested in exploring a potential project, kindly fill out the form below, and we’ll promptly arrange a complimentary call. During this call, we’ll delve into the specifics, scope, and timeline of your project.

Our goal is to assist individuals and organizations in achieving the transformative change they seek. If, for any reason, we find that our resources or capacity may not align with your needs, we’ll do our best to direct you to another firm that may be better suited to assist you.

Should our visions align, we’ll tailor a quote to reflect your distinct needs and our process. If this resonates with you, we’re ready to embark on this transformative journey together.