RedPier Consulting provides high quality facilitation and engagement services in the areas of community development, youth capacity building, climate solutions, reconciliation, and values-centred planning.

Trusted by communities
across Canada

At RedPier Consulting we believe that everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have, and sometimes we all just need a conversation or helping hand to realize our own strengths and creativity. That’s where RedPier comes in. 

We focus on supporting Indigenous & rural communities and non-profit organizations, as this is not only our professional strength, but also where we live, work and play. 

Our team is trained and dedicated to help engage, empower, develop communities that are resilient, sustainable, and vibrant. We help bring people and their ideas together, foster awareness and build confidence in one’s abilities, and identify resources and solutions to create action. 

We have a proven track record of creating achievable programs and plans that are holistic in meeting a community’s social, environmental, and economic needs. We’ll help you think about your community or organization in a whole new way, taking a group of members from ideas to actions, and achieving a future where everyone can thrive. 

Ways We Can Help

Strengthen Your Community

We approach every project from a place of creativity, openness, and curiosity to facilitate an experience that is engaging, empowering and memorable!

Check out some of our main services below to learn how RedPier Consulting can help you lead change in your community.

Why Partner With Us?

We Do Things Differently

If you want a surface level solution, then we are not the firm for you. We take our time, go to the root, involve the whole person, and guide meaningful change. Our work helps clients  challenge conventional patterns, see things through a new lens, and make something different happen. 

We Embrace Creativity

Boring processes and sessions are a dime a dozen. We don’t do boring. Even for serious conversations we find ways to incorporate elements of creativity to encourage different participation styles and perspectives. And no, that doesn’t mean we fill the agenda with silly ice-breakers, but if that’s your jam, we can fit some in. 

We Set the Stage

Though our team carries much expertise, when working as facilitators, we aren’t there as subject matter experts. It is our responsibility to create a safe and workable space, set up activities, and keep the group focused. We believe with the right stage set, it allows the participants to star in the show and take ownership of moving the work forward. 

We Pace Ourselves

Meaningful engagement and planning takes time. Most of us don’t rush into a marriage proposal on the first date, but for some reason many organizations try to cram the dating, engagement, wedding, and starting a family stages all into one conversation. This creates haste, and haste makes waste. If you are investing in a process to engage, empower, and develop your community, then recognizing the importance of pacing activities, conversations, and planning is critical to ensuring we can reflect and respond to the needs of your group and avoid burnout. It doesn’t mean we go slow, it just means that we know Aha! moments and authentic partnerships don’t happen on a schedule, so we plan our processes to make space for meaningful change and growth.

We Are Present

From facilitating large workshops to small meetings, we are focused on what happens live – be it in-person or virtual – to ensure it is engaging and purposeful. That’s the art of facilitation. Though we guide the agenda or process along, we keep our attention on the people involved and what’s happening. Being fixed to a plan developed on hypothetical conditions leads to constraints on conversations and opportunities for innovation and cultural shifts. As people are at the centre of what we do, we adapt to ensure they feel valued for their participation.  

We Invest In Community

We believe that contributing back to the communities where we live, work, and play, is essential to the success of our initiatives. We are committed to providing at least 2% of our annual profits to nonprofits and all of our team members are active volunteers with local, provincial, and international organizations.

Word on the Street

Take a look at what some of our clients have to say….

“I cannot think of a team that is more community minded than RedPier Consulting.”

RedPier Consulting brought incredible energy & facilitation that kept our group engaged and interested!

– Amanda V.

Brock is so calm in how he brings insights forward and holds space for everyone in such a good way.

– Erica C.

The support we have received goes beyond what we could have ever imagined.

– Cheryl G. 

Brock has been an incredibly helpful resource and advisor to our work. He has been instrumental to our progress.

– Steve C.

Let’s get you from where you are to where you want to be! 

We often hear from potential clients that they just aren’t at the right spot to start. We disagree. Wherever you are at now is the perfect starting place to lead change, as awareness is the first step to making a difference. So go ahead, send us a note, and let’s start creating the future you know your community deserves.

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